Michael Schaedel | Employee of the Month August 2018

Michael Schaedel- Employee of the Month August 2018

Gulf Coast Insurance named Michael Schaedel as Employee of the Month during August of 2018. He joined the company on July 9, 2018.

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWeb) September 7, 2018 – Gulf Coast Insurance awarded Michael Schaedel as Employee of the month during August of 2018. His hard work and dedication to the company makes him an asset to the world of insurance. He prefers to develop long-term relationships with his clients, helping them with all of their insurance needs from start to finish.
With over 10 years of experience in the field, he has a wide-range of industry knowledge to bring to the table. He has developed and executed strategies to help his clients reach their goals financially and in retirement.

In 2016 he received the President’s Circle Award for being in the top 2% of all financial consultants nationwide. He was also recognized as a top performer and producer many times during his career and is consistently in the top 10% nationwide.

His goal is to offer families affordable insurance for all their needs. As a broker, he is able to provide multiple options to clients, giving them an insurance policy to match their needs and budget. He enjoys working with families from all over and helping them with insurance needs on a case-by-case and individualized basis.

Schaedel graduated from Florida State University in 2008 with his Bachelor of Applied Science in Economics. Before coming to Gulf Coast Insurance, he worked as a broker and a financial consultant at The Emac Group and Fidelity Investments. He was previously in charge of handling over 1,000 high net-worth clients who totaled over $500 million in assets.

About Gulf Coast Insurance

Gulf Coast Insurance established in 2005 under the direction of Darren Green and Justin Kelly. They moved the business to St. Petersburg in 2015, connecting families to the right insurance policy to fit both their needs and their budget. The company’s goal is to match clients with a personalized policy and high-quality customer service.

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Gulf Coast Insurance Services welcomes, Michael Schaedel

Michael Schaedel Jumps on Board 7-9-18

Gulf Coast Insurance Services welcomes, Michael Schaedel on July 9, 2018. The former broker brings with him a wealth of insurance knowledge to add to the independent insurance agency’s 10 years of experience.

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWeb) July 9, 2018 – Gulf Coast Insurance Services welcomes Michael Schaedel to the team. Schaedel brings experience as a brokerage agent to the independent company. He received the President Circle Award in 2016 for being in the top 2% of financial consultants nationally and has been recognized as a top producer multiple times.

Schaedel graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Economics. His previous work experience as a broker and as a financial consultant at The EMAC Group and Fidelity Investments will bring a new point of view to the independent insurance company’s comprehensive industry expertise.

“I work with families all over the state with insuring their most important assets, their home and cars. As a broker I provide multiple insurance options to my clients which helps them find the perfect coverage at the right price,” says Schaedel.

Gulf Coast Insurance Services offers a wide range of insurance policies to their clients. The company’s goal is to match each client with a personalized policy at an affordable price. They promise to look out for their clients and develop a life-long relationship for all their insurance needs. Because they deal with multiple insurance providers, they are able to tailor coverage to the needs and the budget of their customers. They are also able to create a package deal for clients, bundling all their insurance needs into one comprehensive plan.


Darren Green and Justin Kelly started Gulf Coast Insurance services in 2005 and moved to downtown St. Petersburg in 2015. Green and Kelly discovered their passion for connecting people to the right insurance policy and the company was born.

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Darren Green
or Justin Kelly

Michael Schaedel Settles Into New Mortgage Recruiter Position

TAMPA, FL, June 10, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The EMAC Group (Expert Mortgage Advisory Consulting Group) is the largest expert recruitment training and executive search company in the current mortgage industry. The group focuses on providing staffing and recruiting opportunities and trainings. Schaedel started his new position with EMAC at the beginning of 2018.

Previously, Schaedel had worked with Fidelity Investments as a consultant in several fields, including financial, investment, and fidelity. Fidelity Investments provides accessible information about financial expertise. It works to provide consultation across employee benefits, life savings, and technology investments.

In his work with Fidelity, Schaedel worked to connect with clients and help them reach their financial and retirement goals while building relationships. His efforts landed him as part of the top 10 percent of producers in the region.

In 2016, Schaedel earned the President Circle Award, reaching the top 2% out of 3,500 financial consultants. He was also responsible for increases to book of business. Schaedel headed increases amounting to $300 million AUM in 2014 to $650 million AUM in 2017.

While his position has changed, Schaedel has continued help people move forward with their goals. He skills in managing individuals’ financial situations have laid a foundation for his organization of training opportunities and helping mortgage professionals further develop their skills.

Schaedel had received a DUI in 2017 but has taken steps to move forward. His new work with EMAC shows that he is still dedicating himself to helping individuals grow.

Schaedel graduated from Florida State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Afterward, he started his work with Fidelity Investments, where he worked for nearly 10 years before his career shift. He had also earned Florida state-required certifications to act as a financial advisor.

The EMAC Group Carries on Mission to Develop Mortgage Recruitment Professional’s Skills

The EMAC Group has been working to improve the mortgage recruitment process since its founding in 2004. Michael Schaedel is part of their recruitment training team and serves as an executive recruiter, facilitating the recruitment training process.


TAMPA, FL, June 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The EMAC (Expert Mortgage Advisory Counseling) Group is continuing to develop professional skills of mortgage recruitment professionals. Their network of over 250,000 mortgage professionals receives regular training opportunities to further build their skills. Michael Schaedel, an executive recruiter and training coordinator, is part of this process.

EMAC Group is a recruitment training and executive search company. They provide staffing and recruiting opportunities, are currently the largest expert group in the mortgage industry, and work with both mortgage professionals and employers to find the best match for their needs. They also provide training for recruitment and hiring processes.

Their recruitment training focuses not just on building trainees’ skills, but the mortgage industry as well. Part of EMAC’s recruitment practices involves building a recruiting process and focusing on more involved strategies to better evaluate prospects. By taking a non-traditional approach to recruitment, EMAC aims to allow their clients to attract top prospects and not overlook skilled candidates due to outdated practices.

Michael Schaedel is part of this process. As a recruitment training coordinator, Schaedel works to make sure trainings are set up properly, coordinates sessions and content, and builds relationships with clients. By making sessions possible, Schaedel furthers the company’s mission.

EMAC aims for growth by working with both mortgage professionals and clients. Their site states that part of their mission is helping these individuals and companies meet their unique aspirations, which begins to happen when both parties coordinate with each other.

Recruitment is one of the first stages where companies and potential employees can meet. EMAC’s focus on improving the overall recruitment process helps both parties find the right workplace and workers for company and career needs.

Schaedel joined the EMAC recruitment team in January and has been working as a coordinator and trainer ever since. He previously worked with Fidelity Investments, where he served as a financial consultant across different fields for ten years. His drive to build lasting relationships with his clients helps individuals meet their goals, and has translated into his new position.

EMAC got its start as a mortgage industry recruitment training and executive search platform in 2004. Since then, they have continued to build their network with the aim of bringing skilled applicants together with companies that parallel their business philosophy.