The EMAC Group Carries on Mission to Develop Mortgage Recruitment Professional’s Skills

The EMAC Group has been working to improve the mortgage recruitment process since its founding in 2004. Michael Schaedel is part of their recruitment training team and serves as an executive recruiter, facilitating the recruitment training process.


TAMPA, FL, June 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The EMAC (Expert Mortgage Advisory Counseling) Group is continuing to develop professional skills of mortgage recruitment professionals. Their network of over 250,000 mortgage professionals receives regular training opportunities to further build their skills. Michael Schaedel, an executive recruiter and training coordinator, is part of this process.

EMAC Group is a recruitment training and executive search company. They provide staffing and recruiting opportunities, are currently the largest expert group in the mortgage industry, and work with both mortgage professionals and employers to find the best match for their needs. They also provide training for recruitment and hiring processes.

Their recruitment training focuses not just on building trainees’ skills, but the mortgage industry as well. Part of EMAC’s recruitment practices involves building a recruiting process and focusing on more involved strategies to better evaluate prospects. By taking a non-traditional approach to recruitment, EMAC aims to allow their clients to attract top prospects and not overlook skilled candidates due to outdated practices.

Michael Schaedel is part of this process. As a recruitment training coordinator, Schaedel works to make sure trainings are set up properly, coordinates sessions and content, and builds relationships with clients. By making sessions possible, Schaedel furthers the company’s mission.

EMAC aims for growth by working with both mortgage professionals and clients. Their site states that part of their mission is helping these individuals and companies meet their unique aspirations, which begins to happen when both parties coordinate with each other.

Recruitment is one of the first stages where companies and potential employees can meet. EMAC’s focus on improving the overall recruitment process helps both parties find the right workplace and workers for company and career needs.

Schaedel joined the EMAC recruitment team in January and has been working as a coordinator and trainer ever since. He previously worked with Fidelity Investments, where he served as a financial consultant across different fields for ten years. His drive to build lasting relationships with his clients helps individuals meet their goals, and has translated into his new position.

EMAC got its start as a mortgage industry recruitment training and executive search platform in 2004. Since then, they have continued to build their network with the aim of bringing skilled applicants together with companies that parallel their business philosophy.


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